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Massage & Holistic Therapies

Indulge your senses and calm your soul with our selection of Massage and Holistic therapies. Whether you are suffering from general aches and pains or in need of some relief from life’s burdens and stresses, our team of highly trained therapists will soothe, treat and balance your mind, body and soul.


Amethyst Freestyle Massage 

Our freestyle massage approach allows our experienced therapists to assess your main concerns so that your treatment is completely tailor made for you. You will be given the choice of deep tissue for aches and pains or Relaxation massage for a more soothing and calming experience.

30 minutes         £34.00
45 minutes £38.00
60 minutes £44.00
75 minutes £49.00
90 minutes £55.00

Indian Head Massage

This ancient Ayurvedic healing massage technique is used for deep relaxation and stress relief. It is extremely beneficial for those suffering from headaches, migraines and sinus problems as well as tension in the neck and shoulders.

40 minutes         £40.00


Hopi Ear Therapy

An ancient therapy used to relieve headaches, tinnitus and sinus congestion. This treatment includes a mini facial, lymph drainage and pressure point massage to the face, neck shoulders and scalp.

60 minutes          £40.00



This specialist massage technique works on areas of the feet which are believed to have a direct link to parts of the body. Through massaging these points the body is then able to recognise areas of imbalance, ridding itself of toxins, inducing harmony and calm.

60 minutes           £38.00

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